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The history of Changa Chai begins in 1965 when it was founded by Mr. Kesharchand Kasturchand Doshi. The name "Changa" was derived from a Punjabi word that means "nice" and "good quality", reflecting the brand's commitment to delivering excellent tea. Initially, Changa Chai was sold in loose form according to the customers' demand. The tea was packaged in paper bags and wooden boxes, and it was sold from a small shop.

The brand started to evolve as the demand for Changa Chai's exquisite taste and superior quality grew. Milky pouch packaging and woven bags gradually replaced paper bags and wooden boxes. This transition allowed the brand to provide a more convenient and visually appealing presentation of our tea.

The next generation of the Doshi family, Mr. Pratap Kesharchand Doshi, and Mr. Rajkumar Kesharchand Doshi joined the business and became instrumental in its growth. Mr. Pratap Kesharchand Doshi brought his expertise in finance and operations, while Mr. Rajkumar Kesharchand Doshi specialized in sales and marketing. Their combined efforts and dedication turned them into the pillars of the Changa Chai brand.


To streamline their operations and enhance production capabilities, the brothers established the company M/s. Pratap Tea Company. They focused on implementing proper pouch packaging for Changa Chai, ensuring consistency and quality in every pack. In 1980, the brand expanded further with the establishment of a full-fledged factory equipped with modern machinery.


The success continued, and in 1990, recognizing the increasing demand, the Doshi brothers set up another factory. This expansion allowed us to meet the growing market needs while maintaining our commitment to providing customers with the finest tea experience.


In 2000, we took a significant step by appointing Mrs. Asawari Joshi, a renowned actress from the Marathi film industry, as our brand ambassador. Her association with the brand helped elevate the popularity and reach a wider audience, solidifying Changa Chai's position as a trusted and beloved tea brand.


The entrepreneurial spirit of the Doshi brothers led them to launch several more tea brands in 2001, including Saras Tea, Goldstar Tea, Raj Tea, and Tara Tea. These brands further expanded our portfolio and catered to diverse customer preferences..


To reflect our growth and evolution, we officially incorporated as Pratap Tea Company Pvt. Ltd. in 2005. This move marked a significant milestone in our journey, establishing Changa Chai as a recognized and established entity in the tea industry.


In 2021, Mr. Mehul Rajkumar Doshi, the son of Mr. Rajkumar Kesharchand Doshi, joined the family business. With a passion for the tea industry, he began learning the trade's intricacies and contributed his expertise to the company's operations. His involvement signalled the continuation of the Doshi family's legacy and their commitment to upholding the brand's values.


Finally, in 2023, we embraced the digital age and entered the digital markets. We recognized the importance of online presence and e-commerce to cater to changing consumer behaviour and preferences. By embracing digital platforms, Changa Chai aimed to make its products more accessible to a wider audience while maintaining the same commitment to quality and excellence that has defined the brand throughout its history.

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